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Thread: Another q's on vft health

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    So yet again here is another question on the health of vft's....I have two vft growing in the same pot right next to each is doing well, it just sent up its first summer leaf earliear this week. The other, well it's just kinda hangin' in there. It has no traps as of right now, and has not sent up any new leaves yet. I've had them for about three weeks. I keep them moist and they stay the 70's usually and they get ample sunlight(when its shining of course) One other thing, the leaves on the vft that is not doing so well are just beginning to yellow along the edges....just barely yellow.
    Could this one be just slow in coming out of dormancy. I clipped the scapes on both when I got what's up? Any advice?

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    From what you said it does not sound like it's slow to come out of dormancy. I don't know to tell you the problem is. Sounds like you're giving it the correct care because your other plant is doing fine. Sometimes things just get weak and die, even when you give them the best growing conditions. Just watch the other plant really close to see if it shows any signs of weakening.

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    Not all VFT's respond well to the same conditions. Would you call your soil very moist or slightly moist? Whichever it is, put the ill one in the other conditions and see how it does.
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