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Thread: How "needed" is fungicide?

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    Ok, along with my first VFT I bought the small packet of Banrot. At first, when reading through messages and stuff I knew that Banrot would smell but I didn't realize it would while still in the package!

    I'm so seriously considering tossing Banrot in the dumpster w/o even trying it on my VFT. The smell is seriously getting to me. I've put it in a bag, tied that bag up, then put it in another bag, and finally put that into a third bag. The smell still goes through.

    So anyway, my questions are, would Cleary 3336 smell as bad as Banrot?

    Is fungicide really needed?

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    Hey SlicVic,

    The fungicide is needed if you place your plant into dormancy in the fridge, or you notice mold forming on the soil surface. OR as a preventive measure ( to be safe ).

    The Cleary does not smell like the Banrot. Banrot is some strong stuff and will do what you need it to. It is also good to use when you are transplanting, it has some added things in it to reduce the shockl of the plants.

    The Cleary is a good preventive fungicide. Applying it monthly will reduce the chance of mold, fungus forming.

    So the option is yours. You can toss it all and cross that bridge when you come to it, or you can use monthly to avoid a problem.

    Each month we spray all of our plants with Cleary ( and sometimes Superthrive )

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    Ok, thank you very much for the information!

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