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Thread: a/c water

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    I have been using the water from my basement dehumidifier for over a year now on my current terrarium. I have not had any ill effects. During my 4H years, I had a terrarium and used the water from my parents dehumidifier. When I was a student at the Ohio State University's Agricultural Institute, my professor and I used the water from the condensing coils of the greenhouse refigerators. This included watering of VFTs, Pitcher Plants, Sundews, and Butterwarts. The year before I graduated from ATI, we even used the water on a new Nepenthes.

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    well, I don't know about the bacteria, I am sure you are being honest and truthful, but I have seen growers using the condensation off their air conditioners for YEARS with no ill effects...

    and if bacteria is the ONLY problem, then a simple boiling of the water would suffice...

    however, I think the 'air conditioner water' I have heard others using is from window mounted units...

    If you have a big pipe coming out of your house to the unit, then I confess, I have seen some pretty nasty stuff coming out of those...
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    sweet!! that is great that the water can be used and that all these people are having such great luck with it. myself (living in the desert) ac is not all that too common (we use swamp coolers.) and dehumidifiers don't exsist. so unfortuantly i have no personal experience with this excess water that you all are refering to except what comes out from under my truck!! i had actually always thought that they (whirlpool) just say things just incase.. perhaps making it sound worse than it really is. so if someone did drink it, they were protected.... so, from what i hear here (hehe) it sounds ok as long as you get the water directly... not from a pipe.
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