Quote (D muscipula @ Oct. 20 2003,10:14)
FTG: *I didn't realize it had been that way since March. *It sounds like you might have a bad soil mix, since flushing the pots helped. *Or, you've been watering with tap water. *Finally, the fact that ALL of your plants have been sickly all year suggests that something is wrong with the growing conditions. *In the case of my plants, they were growing great until WHAM! *They started dying back.

Perhaps your plants missed dormancy last year, and have been trying to go dormant all summer?[/QUOTE]
No, not bad soil mix... I repot them every year into clean peat and perlite. OR MAYBE... I remember accidentally spraying them with ant poison earlier this year spraying carpenter ants! I didn't thin the effects would last so long...

Tap water Naw, I'm not that dumb...

I have... eight VFTs, including the three I've been keeing for a friend for so long.. they are all kept along with all other 20-somthin' CPs in my five foot tall, two foot wide portable greenhouse... All other plants are perfectly fine, and they are living alongside them. And no, they didn't miss dormancy last year.

VFT Guy, well... I let one of my friend's Green Dragons flower, and I let my Common flower. That was merely to get seeds, which I was successful in doing and now have 19 healthy sprouts. Even the ones that didn't flower are looking the same... oh well... I guess I'll just wait until deeper dormancy and repot them completely and see what happens...
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