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Thread: round flower things turning black

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    Wei VFT
    you know the round things at the top of flower stalks, some of them are turning black! They have not flowered yet and I want them to flower so I can get seeds! What should I do?

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    Nepenthes Specialist nepenthes gracilis's Avatar
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    If they are black snip them of as close as posible to the VFT. Nep.G.

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    Maybe your lighting or something is off.

    They probably will not flower ( any of them ). I would just cut the flower stalk off and wait for it to flower again.

    I have seen that happen to some of mine...I am not sure why...I just know what to do when it happens. =/

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    Wei where r u at in the southern hemisphere?

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    Wei VFT
    Well, I live in the Australia. So do the Venus Fly Trap need more light? Only some of them are black, not all of them and I really want them to flower so I can get seeds. And if I really really have to cut them off, how can prevent this from happening the next time?

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    If all the flowers are dead...then leave the stalk. Some flowers just don't make it.

    How much sun is the plant getting? Sometimes...if the plant is getting too much light ( or not enough ) you will lose the flowers.
    Some flowers can't take high heat temps. So if it is getting too hot...

    If it is too might be burning the flowers.

    I am not real sure of what all you can do to stop it from happening.

    I always cut the flowers off of the plants. I tissue culture and do not need seed really.

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    Wei VFT
    why do I leave the stalk if all the flowers are dead? some of the things are green while some are black. So do I just leave it or cut it off. I want flowers and seeds. it has been quite cloudy these few weeks so is light the problem because some became black last week. Please help.

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    If you still have flowers on the stalk (spike ) that have yet to open. Then do not cut it.

    If all are dead...then there is no need to leave the spike on the plant. The flowering process takes a lot of energy from the plant.

    In looking for some information as to why they aren't flowering...I have found none.

    I am sorry I do not know what to tell you.

    The things that I have found all say just cut it probably will not flower...but it doesn't say why.

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