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Thread: I gots another question....

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    thanks every one....
    i'll wait on replanting it, and i'll put next to a window...
    thanks a lot for your help!!!


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    i have a vft that is growing in pure peat (no perlite or sand at all). every few weeks, i gently squeese the sides of the pot to help loosen the soil. seems to be working fine for now... it also sounds like you repotted the plant when you got it. another possible theory could be that the plant is in shock.

    i would try and place the plant in another location, or (if the lamp that you are using for light is very close to the vft) replace the bulb with one of those screw in floresent bulbs. when looking at the screw in bulbs, make sure that it's a "cool white" bulb. also, if there are several cool white available, go for one that has a higher "lumen" number.

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