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Thread: Dormancy

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    I have 2 vft's that I bought early this summer. I have yet to transplant them for the first time. I live in Chicago where the winter can be pretty rough. My question is why should I put them in the frig if it gets just as cold outside as in the frig? Can I just cover them and leave them outside, giving them water just a little? My second question is when should I bring them in if I shouldn't leave them outside?[B]

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    As long as it doesn't get colder than your refridgerator they'll be fine. If it gets down to freezing, then that could kill them. I've lost the leaves off my VFT's due to freezing and frost in the late spring/early summer and they recovered. They can survive brief drops to freezing temps. In their native habitat they seldom get hard freezes or snow. Mulching may protect them. I would wait to try it on an extra plant so that if it doesn't work, you won't be out a VFT. I bring mine in when the night temps strt dropping into the low 40's and put them in the fridge when I notice trap growth slowing or changing. Usually in mid to late November. I pull them out late March to mid April. They need at least 3 months of dormancy.

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