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Thread: Pesticides for Thrips

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    Clerk says that Orthene, Diazinon, malathion and several shave been band in Nebraska. What should I get instead?
    The clerk suggested these new products, but I wanted to get everyones opinion first.

    Hi-yield with Dicofol
    Kill-A-Bug with Permethrin
    Sevin with Carbary
    Ortho with Fenbutain-oxide

    I'm lost can anyone help?

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    I've used Shultz 3 in 1 fungicide, insecticide and mitacide with good results. Several of my new sundew seedlings weren't producing any dew and were turning brown. Well, I left them there for several days to see if it was because of lighting or humidity. After a few days though the seedling was baisically dead and I used a toothpick to tap it to inspect the plant. To my suprise there were some white little bugs that were feeding off of my plant! Well I sprayed it with the 3 in 1 product and they started hoping everywhere like crazy, now I mean like a foot! The very next day I checked on the seedlings and most of them now had dew on their leaves again.
    The main ingredient in the product is diluted Neem oil.
    I have a question though, since it's organic wouldn't it eventually break down and turn into mold?
    I thought you people where \"Plant Geeks\", Look at me Now...

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