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Thread: Growing VFT's from seeds

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    Silly me, I bought a cluster of VFT seeds from a seed company online. I will still try to grow them (yes, even after reading the faqs). I was wondering since that we are in or near the dormant season already, should I try to plant the seeds? Or wait until the temperature rises? Also, I received around 15 seeds. Does each seed have the possibility of produced a VFT with many leaves? I can't make a decision from the pictures I've seen. Anywho, thanks.

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    Well, there are 2 schools of thought on this subject. One says plant them now and put them under growlights indoors. If the seed has been properly stored, there is a good chance of germination and growth. The other says wait until January or so, then sow them and put them directly outside so they will recieve a natural stratification and should sprout and grow when the conditions are optimal.

    All seeds have the potential of becomming mature plants. Keep in mind that VFTs are a very slow growing plant from seed. They wont produde large bug catching traps for a couple years at least.

    The viability of seed depends greatly on how the seeds are handled prior to sowing. Very fresh seed will generally have a good germination rate. Older seed, especially if not refrigerated in an airtight container, will have a much lower success rate.

    Good luck

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