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Thread: Dormant VFT Care

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    I just ordered a few VFTs and have a lot of questions about them. I will greatly appreciate it if anyone can answer them.

    If I take good care of my VFT plants and follow the recommended tips on this site, how long can I expect them to last?

    Also, I have read from many web sites that I will have to take the VFTs out of their pots, spray them with fungicide, keep them moist, place them in zip lock bags, and put them in the fridge during the winter. I am curious as to whether or not there is any way that I can keep the VFTs alive during the winter without having to take them out of their pots. As I have said before, I just ordered them and I am not confident on whether or not I will be able to take them out of their pots (If it is a must), without causing any damage to them.

    I live in Northern California. During the winter, highs can be around 60 F and Lows can be around 35 F. The weather includes light sprinkling, fog, and mist (in winter). Knowing this before hand, is it safe to keep the VFTs in the garage instead of placing them in the fridge? In addition, this question might seem silly, but do I still have to feed the VFTs while it is dormant (I am thinking, no)? Last, but not least, do I water them while they are dormant?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi MonikaS 1002.... welcome to the forum

    Here is a link to a site with very detailed instructions on how to grow VFTs:

    In answer to your specific questions...

    Vfts can live for decades if properly cared for.

    If you just ordered them then you can skip dormancy this year. Most commercialy available VFTs are grown from tissue culture in a lab and have no clue about what season it is. Provide them with good light from a compact flourescent lamp, do not use incandescent (regular) light bulbs as they do not provide the correct spectrum of light required for growing plants.

    Northern California is ideal for growing VFTs. I suggest you find a spot outside that recieves at least 8 hours of full sun and put them outside and leave them. They will then do everything they need to survive including dormancy all on their own.

    Good luck
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