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Thread: help/advice growing seeds?

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    Ok, first...thanks to anyone who reads this and can offer help.

    I decided to try growing some VFTs this fall....but I wanted to do it from scratch myself, so I bought some seeds online.

    The first batch went pretty large part because I used tap water. The second time around, I caught some rain water (on one of the few rainy days here in Phx).

    I planted the seeds in mid November. I have them in a large rectangular plastic pot (6 in X 18 in), of which I would say there are about 30 seeds. The entire pot consists of peat moss. In mid December, I moved the pot from under my patio (where its dark and doesnt get light) to out near the pool where it gets plenty of sun. Since then, I believe the peat moss have come to life because the surface of the pot has turned green (and im 95% sure its not any sort of mold).

    The pot is covered by a white trash bag to keep the moisture in, but allow some light to enter. I have not had to water the pot very much, as the bag does a fantastic job of keeping the moisture in. I would say, for the most part, it has not been any colder than 45 degrees or any warmer than 80 degrees since I planted them.

    Can anyone give me advice as to what I did or an doing wrong? I just got myself 100 more seeds to give it one more shot. I was thinking I would just put some of the seeds Im getting into the pot right now, to see how that works out. Is there another way I should go about this before putting the seeds in a pot such as the one I am using? Do I just live in a climate that is not inducive to growing VFTs? (I live in AZ).

    Thanks for your time.


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    Welcome to the forums Matt ,
    growing vft's from seeds is gonna take a realy loooooooooong time , it would take about 5 more eyars til you are satisfied with a bug eating plant . as for what you are doing now , your doing it great , venus flytraps are suppose to go through stratisfication ( a cold period ) so that the seed germinate and thats what your doing now without even knowing it . the seeds should spout in spring . about the bag thats your covering the pot in , you might want to let some air in so that the air does'nt get to stagnant and so that fungus won't form in there unlkess everything is really good and sterile . the place where you live now is ok to grow vft in too , might as well grow them year round outdoor but might want to watch out when it gets too hot or too cold . when your seeds sprout look at my care sheet on top of this forum for some more info .

    good luck

    and what are you gonna do with all those plants

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    Check out the VFT section of Barry Rice's FAQ

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