I was browsing around howstuffworks.com a minute ago looking up something about the plant nutrient intake when I stumbled across this:

In my humble opinion is is one of the better "flytrap overviews" if not the best I have read. There are some inaccuracies, but this website presents one of the most well-rounded pictures of carnivorous plant biology and, obviously, Dionea intricacies (including the origion of the name 'venus flytrap'), than I have seen in anywhere else.
It is not presented at the literary level of elementary school science class, nor is it written for the hard core botanists, it sits pleasantly in the middle possibly highschool/college.
What I really liked was the way it broke down the digestion process and nutrient absorption and even isolated the individual nutrients & their function with hyperlinks to other aspects of the nutrient function.

Many other writings only say 'blah blah blah, enzymes break down blah blah to absorb critical nutrients' but this website spends more time on those nutrients (although not exactly an exhaustive amount of time).

So anyway, if you wanted to read it, have fun. If you are a science teacher on a Botany/horticulture/plant unit, this could be pretty neat material .