I am actually a Nep. person but have a couple VFT's. Here's the deal I got 3 dormant bulbs;
1 is in peat/sand
1 is in NZ sphagnum moss
and the last 1 I put in this "hydro"plug sold at hydroponic places, it is composted bark and polymers giving it a spongey effect. Well all 3 are in my terrarium and all 3 are growing but the "plug" one is almost 4 times bigger already and it is only about 2 1/2 in. tall. They are all 5 yrs old. The 1 is beginning the formation of traps at the end. I dont want to kill off mine as I dont know much about them and I dont want to spare any since I only have 3. If any one is interested try the plug thing and see if it is what it looks like or just lucky.