I wonder if the humidity levels would be better inside the house. We have a couple of small fountains in the house, and it seems like with the watering trays and all the humidity might be higher in the house.

Do sundews and VFT like misting? I have two other sundews and 3 VFT in a terrarium I got here on this site, and they seem to be doing pretty well. I have never misted them. The VFTs are having some troubles since I didn't know last winter to give them dormancy! [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/new/smile_k_ani_32.gif[/img] So I hope they make it throught the summer, and I can give it dormancy next winter. But the larger VFT looks like it might be growing better now since it's been a few weeks after transplant.