Everything suggested here is right on the money in my book. *

If you saw an ant, look for spider mites too; especially if you have deformed new growth and the petioles (mistakenly called leaves) are spotted like a ripe bannana (from them sucking the juice from the petioles) You will need a magnifyer glass. *They will scamper in bright light. They look like tiny little crabs. *If you see any (even 1) *submerge your plant COMPLETELY underwater for 24 hours (purified) to rid them of it. You won't hurt your VFT one little bit as it happens in nature from time to time.

This will also flush any 'salts' or minerals from improper watering at the place you got it; although I doubt it's been there long enough to make a difference, but it will rid of any stagnant water (does the soil smell like rotten eggs?)

Spider mites can also be detected by flicking the plant over a clean, white sheet of paper and 'smear' your finger over any tiny little dots. *If you see rusty colored smears; you have mites.

I've been through this and they almost dessimated my collection.

I think that the above suggestions are correct, but should check; just in case.

Good Luck and welcome to the posts!