I think in terms of overfeeding it depends on the plant. If I have my windowsill VFT that has never been fed before, I don't one day want to fill up all of the traps. If I have a plant outside which catches a bug every now and then, there's less to worry about if I feed all of the traps. Furthermore I think it'd probably be wise, if at all possible, to need feed all of the traps at the exact same time. I have no scientific studies to back it up, but it seems logical; this way, not too much energy will be required all at once. Still, it seems to be the same as in people: a person who has been living on minimal nourishment will get a tummy ache (in the least) if they suddenly binge. Just me, but it seems like you aclimate plants with photoperiod and light intensity, the same should probably be done with feedings.