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Thread: PAID (Est $40) Tour of Cobra country!!

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    PAID (Est $40) Tour of Cobra country!!

    Have you been wanting to go see Darlingtonia californica in-situ but missed the ICPS like me? Fret not because I will lead you!

    Up for auction is a long-weekend long tour of a couple sites in Northern Cali that I've visited a couple times now around the Gasquet area. I was last up there about 2 years ago with the intrepid NaN

    I'll put together some sites, and you bring: galoshes, hiking boots, a camera, and a sense of awe. A good time of year would be over the Memorial Day (End May) or Labor Day (Beginning Sept.) holiday long weekend depending on what's blooming. We'll meet in Northern California and go roam around and take pics for 2-3 days. There are a couple sites that have Pings, terrestrial orchids and Drosera too.

    Bidding starts at $25, PM me contact info once you've won and we'll begin planning. We might have a couple other NASC officers crash the party too! If the auction hits $50, I'll bake you a gallon bag of pb & chocolate chip cookies too.

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    $40! Sounds super fun. I've lived in CA most of my life, but never been quite able to make it up there and check it out.
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    This item has been paid...please arrange shipping

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