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Thread: Looking for best/easy tillandsia germination setup

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    Looking for best/easy tillandsia germination setup

    I'm new to tillandsia and recently ordered my wife some seeds, of which there are two tillandsia species. Tillandsia ionantha and tillandsia fendleri.

    I have been doing some reading on growing tillandsia from seed and have some questions.
    It looks like starting seeds on some window screen is a common method.
    And young seeds/seedlings need to be sprayed three times a day.

    Can you use a misting system or fogger to keep seeds moist?
    Could I use some screen a few inches up from the bottom in a small (2.5 gallon) aquarium with a misting system or fogger and some water in the bottom to keep moisture up?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I will say from experience: Do not underestimate how quickly they will dry out even in a high humidity environment. The seedlings die in no time at all due to dehydration. Unfortunately I couldn't find a balance between too wet and too dry and my first attempt at seeds ended in failure.

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