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Thread: Air-Plant ID

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    Air-Plant ID

    Hi everyone. New to this forum. But not to Air-Plants. I have been collecting them for some time now - easier than Bonsai which I also try to do (!).

    Anyway I have one or two I know the name of but a few I don't. Sorry about the blurry nature of the first one. Sorry about the darkness of them all. The second is in an actual shell that was under a bush for years and was full of the stuff you would expect to find in something that has been under a bush for years in the back garden. The third one is in something that cost me nothing. I worked (volunteered) at a charity shop ages ago and they were throwing stuff out that couldn't sell. That was one of them.

    Recently I bought a Seleriana Air-Plant. Looks awesome. It's in a glass jar on top of white decorative sand and I have a small bit of wood and a small stone with it. The plant is in a scallop shell it looks like just as something to rest on.
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