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Thread: Not emarginata?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MPX_78 View Post
    Thank you to the others who have replied, I found this photo from a week or two ago. It's flowering again so I will get a sharper photo either later today or later in the week. What other species develop similar coloration and leaf shapes?
    That appears to be a hybrid with emarginata and agnata. I'd ask Jacob at SNW to confirm. There aren't really any ibarrae/pilosa hybrids out there.

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    I was going to say the same thing when I saw the flower on the other thread first. There are many forms of the agnata x emarginata cross too, some with more pattern and ragged edges in the flowers and others more like this.
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    hard to say ,may be P. agnata "ekuma" x emarginata but your specie does not have a very marked pattern on petals .

    may be allowed time, after opening, to have its true final colors
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