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Thread: Cyclosecta and Rotundiflora Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Beer View Post
    Here is one in a mix of 1:1:1:1 Peat sand pumice perlite, and one growing on a piece of pumice rock. Not much difference really. Give them sufficient light and water when they want it, and they’ll grow. :-)

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    Now those are gorgeous! I was debating on setting up another light inside for my South Africa dews and the pings. I'm wondering if the light they're getting from the windowsill isn't enough? May persuade me to purchase another light for them.

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    West should be enough if itís unobstructed (including no overhanging eaves that might severely reduce the hours of direct light. Otherwise Fluorescents or LED Tubeís should do fine. Iím just starting to experiment with the Yescom LED panels (blue and white) available on Amazon for about $22 so no comment about them yet but friends are certainly having good success with them.

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