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Thread: Odd Epiphyllum Bloom

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    Odd Epiphyllum Bloom

    I used to have a very nice Epiphyllum oxypetalum that I lost to an unexpected frost several years ago. It bloomed better every year, huge flowers almost as big as basketballs that smelled like lemon pound cake. A bit of a drag that they only lasted one night, but what a night! Anyway I replaced it last year, and now it appears ready to bloom. The odd thing is that my old plant was a reliable fall bloomer, Sept into Oct and my new one is going to bloom in June. I kept it under 11 hours of light over the winter in a room that got down into the low 40s, and it's been outside since night time lows started staying reliably over 40. And there's a big fat flower bud getting bigger by the day!
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