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Thread: amphirion's real plastic plants thread aka Haworthia

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    How is that AstroTurf Farm coming along?
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    AstroTurf farm is amazing! It works really well for the plants. Wonder if I can grow other things like cephs and heliamphora with it too.
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    +petiolaris drosera going dormant?
    +picture thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by elgecko View Post
    The Haworthia Obtusa Variegated cv.'Marin' is one that said non variegated offset. I didn't pay much for it and liked the looks of the plant even if it stays all green.

    Likely why it was inexpensive. If the leaf is still in good shape after the pup as grown large enough to be on its own, you could try separating the variegated leaf from the pup and try to get a new offset in hopes of getting a variegate.
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