Compiled by William "Tamlin" Dawnstar

I have been asked often enough for some pertinent “scientific” literature regarding the genus Drosera. The following is a very non-academic compilation taken from notes, jottings and the like. I hope some of it proves useful. I think I have provided enough information for a competent and sympathetic librarian to assist in acquiring these papers and books. In the U.S. interlibrary loan is a great research tool, and much can be acquired with a little effort.

Please feel free to amend or correct any errors, and to add to the list if you have further suggested readings. This is a very fragmentary and partial list, and not inclusive by any stretch of the imagination. It should keep you busy for a little while at least.

Not included, but highly recommend are the Allen Lowrie books as well. Rika Erickson’s works on Western Australian CP is also excellent, especially from a historical view.

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***Brazillian Drosera:***

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***South African Drosera Taxonomy***

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***Australian Drosera Taxonomy***

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