This is probably a N miranda. I have to bring them inside and they are just too large! I trimmed one injured vine that was still growing very well (it had just gotten bent a the base) and cut it into two separate cuttings. The smaller of the two measures about 20 inches from leaf tip to leaf tip (not counting the tendrils).

I took a picture, but can't figure out this new cell phone enough to send it on! I'll try to get on up soon, but it is basically two large cuttings of a nep with no pitchers.

The plant was purchased in the spring from a nursery that felt it was just fine to dump plant food into the soil and probably watered it with tap water whenever they got around to it. It was ENORMOUS, but pitcherless. I've split it into two pots and had to move them around a couple of times this summer until I found spots where they started producing very nice new leaves. One potential pitcher was sawed off by a rabbit and the pot was repeatedly dug up by squirrels. There is a nice pitcher in progress growing on one of them so I'll be able to confirm its miranda-ness soon (I hope).

So if you want to try your hand at establishing cuttings, here is your chance. These can probably be cut into two smaller cuttings if you want to experiment a bit. I'm looking for...stuff. I'm not picky, but would prefer stuff not on the growlist. I don't expect any N. vikings for this, but would prefer no ventratas.

Soon, I plan on splitting some of the plant and will probably be offering the results in the form of one or two actual plants (instead of just cuttings).