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Thread: Looking for Ceph cutting

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    Looking for Ceph cutting

    I'm looking for any material that can be used to produce a ceph (cutting, leaf pulling, etc).
    I've only been growing since this past spring so I do not have a lot to offer, so I am willing to accept unrooting leaf pullings.

    I can trade either/both of the following:
    S. rubra ssp. gulfensis Ancestral Form - Crawford Co, GA
    S. alata - St. Tammany Parish - Covington, LA

    I have a few divisions of each in various sizes, so I can vary my trade based on what you have to offer.

    I can also trade any of the following if they are of any interest to you:
    S. 'Starry Night'
    N. ventrata cutting from mature plant - 5 month old cutting with 3" pitchers
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    Contact me if you haven't had any luck so far.
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