I am in the process of making some room and wanted to post the extra plants that I have. I am really looking for Nepenthes and would love an N. Ampullaria but will accept offers for any Sarracenia or VFTs that aren't on my growlist. PM or email me if interested and we will work something out! Here is what I've got:

S. Catesbaei x Oreophila - Medium

S. Leuco Burgandy - Medium

S. Flies Demise - Medium

S. Areolata from Triffid Park - Medium

S. Unknown Flava Hybrid - Large (Pics available upon request)

S. Unknown Leuco Hybrid - Large (Pics available upon request)

S. Psittacina x Minor Okee Giant - Medium/Large

S. Leuco Red - Medium

S. Alata Texas Form - Medium

S. Flava Veined - Small/Medium

S. Leuco Tarnok - Large