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Thread: U. longifolia for postage

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    U. longifolia for postage

    ***** Offer now closed ***** Thanks to all who expressed an interest.
    I have a U. longifolia growing in a 3-3.5" pot that is due to be divided. I need the space and would like to send it to someone who has an interest in Utrics for $5. I will also try to include some live LFS that has U. longifolia growing through it (from the bottom of another tank).

    If you would like to be considered, send me an email at XXXXX** and include:

    - name & mailing address
    - forum name

    In addition:
    - feel free to post or pm me with questions
    - please do not clutter this thread w/ posts telling me you've sent me an email/PM
    - plant will be sent unpotted in live LFS
    - I will send an email to the 'chosen one' providing paypal instructions (please do not bother responding if you will not use Paypal)
    - plant will be shipped via USPS Priority mail. If it is more than $5, I will eat the difference.
    - USA only
    - Applicants who have not followed directions will either be ignored or given a lower priority...
    - Thanks for playing
    All the best,
    You must do the thing you think you cannot do. --- Eleanor Roosevelt

    *** Growlist / Wants / Offers ***
    (with Pics)

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    Whoops sry, I just read the "do not clutter this thread" part.

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