I have a nice big rajah for trade its leafspan is about 8 inches across now and its last trap was 3 inches tall!!!
Dont miss this Deal im looking for rare neps with TM in them among others pm me

here is a small list of other nepenthes i have pm me about them

nepenthes rajah pending
nepenthes spectabilis x aristo about 4 or 5 inches accross traded
nepenthes red leopard about a 10 inch leafspan traded
nepenthes red leopard about 5 inches across pending
nepenthes judith finn small plant 3inch leafspan traded
nepenthes viking small plant with a few groth points pending
nepenthes ventricosa nice 10 inch or so plant
nepenthes hamata clone 4 im not very willing to trade this one it is a small plant just starting to put out traps
nepenthes burbidgea a nice 6 inch or 8 inch plant pending