Greetings. I am curious to know if anyone can help me find these Nepenthes. I am looking for the nepenthes that I have listed below. Not a big list. They are some of my most desired Nepenthes. I will accept small/medium/large plants. as well as cuttings.

Nepenthes Northiana x Veitchii
Nepenthes Northiana x Veitchii H/L
Nepenthes Lowii x Truncata
Nepenthes Veitchii- H/L Stripped forms as well as lowland forms.

Also, I at the moment have a trade pending till the beginning of August, so if you are interested in trading, I will be able to do some trades with you then. Its just that I want to be fair with the other person first.

I have lots of great plants to trade. Mostly rare Nepenthes. some cephs HG's and other cp's. please PM me if interested. I'm sure that we can work something out.