N.jacq lies on the top of my favorite. Although I have one, I want other colored clones. I can use the H.Minor to trade for a pure red or pure green jacq. Or trade for a H.heterodoxa x minor with mature pitchers, N.ventriosa x N.TM, or N.hamata.

The minor has two growths which form mature pitchers, and many growths which form immature pitchers. Currently, it has 4 functional mature pitchers and about 15 (or more) immature pitchers. You can divide it into several divisions and use them trade for plants you are interested in (yes, I am pretty lazy to divide it and only want to trade out the whole plant).

If you are not interested in my H.minor, I still have other plants to trade. Please check the plants with the notation (***) in my growlist to see if there are somethings you want.