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I first heard about Drosera binata in the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, and other forms of the plant were described by J. A. Mazrimus in an article he wrote for CPN volume V, No. 1, pg. 15. There are also other interesting forms described, such as the one called "multifida extrema", from Stradbroke, Island in Australia, and, of course, each seed grown clone can demonstrate its own characteristics. Many hybrids have been produced between plants of different habit. Drosera binata 'Marston Dragon' is a cultivar said to be a product of such hybridization. My own first exposure to the various types of Drosera binata was from Bob Hanrahan, through his company, "World Insectivorous Plants", or W.I.P. Besides the various price lists I received from W.I.P. which described these various forms, there were individual slips with detailed descriptions and cultivation instructions sent with each plant.

If you are a member of the ICPS, you can look up these historical articles at their member-only web pages.
I am a member. That's volume 5 no. 1 page 15, thanks. I will look it up when I get around to it. Please disregard that section of my PM them. I'd be the best person to ID my own plants as I know their habits.

Thank you for this valuable reference!