Hey everyone,
I'm planning to give a presentation to a Biological Sciences club here at Iowa State University in a little over a month and would like to show some examples of different carnivorous plant seed genera.
I'm all set in the Drosera department, and I also already have Drosophyllum, Roridula, and Utricularia.
I'd love to be able to show Sarracenia, Dionea, Nepenthes, Darlingtonia, etc. as well, if anyone has some available. Viability of these seeds is not required- they will just be for display, so you can send your old seeds . However, if they are fresh/viable, please make note of that, and our ISU CP club would try our hands at germinating them for our carnivorous plant display in a campus greenhouse.

In return, I can offer Drosera seeds, but I should make note that I won't be able to send anything interesting until May, since I will be very busy and won't be home very frequently--- so I won't have time to package/ship seeds except for the common/weedier ones I have in stock at the moment.

This is the immense list of what I currently have available:
D. capillaris varieties (limited)
D. capensis -typical and 'Albino'
D. spatulata varieties ie Fraser Island and 'Tamlin'

I'd prefer emails, if possible.

Thanks for your help!