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Thread: Carnivorous Plant DVD Giveaway / Poetry Contest

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    Cool Carnivorous Plant DVD Giveaway / Poetry Contest

    I won the DVD from: F R e N c H 3 z
    I got the idea of doing a poetry contest from: cp-connection

    Write the poetry that I like best and you will win this DVD:

    (Grow Carnivorous Plants! Volume 1)
    I will even pay the postage.


    1. Your poetry must be about carnivorous plants.
    2. Your poetry must be brand new for this contest, and it must be rated PG.
    3. Plagiarism is not allowed.
    4. You can write any type of poetry; it doesn't have to be a limerick. Learn about poetry here:
    5. You can submit as many poems as you want. Eventually, I will set a deadline for poetry submissions.
    6. I will choose the poetry I like best. In general, I like poems that rhyme, and anything that makes me laugh or think. Also, I do not like really short poems such as haiku. Once chosen, the winner must provide a shipping address that is in the contiguous United States.

    I wrote a limerick to get you started:
    Learn about limericks here:

    There once was a lawyer named Lou
    that stole a fly trap or two.
    He grew them inside,
    they turned black and died,
    Now who the heck should he sue?

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    Here is my shot at it. Hope you like.

    There once was a bee,
    flew as if he was in a grand prix,
    He saw a nice flower,
    Thought about it for at least an hour.
    Ill finally go he decided,
    Though it looked a little lopsided.
    Green, red, and white,
    It shone as though it was a beam of light.
    When finally he arrived,
    He seemed a bit revived.
    It was the sweet nectar,
    Coming from the mid sector.
    It made him a little high.
    Sat and watched the time flyby.
    It is July,
    so he yelled “Bonsai”!
    He dove into the pool,
    Thought this was really cool.
    He made a nice splash,
    But soon began to thrash.
    He realized something was awry,
    Spoke out loud and said oh my…
    I must climb out and get my wings dry,
    Or never again may I fly.
    With a frown,
    He thought, maybe I’ll crawl down.
    He took a deep breath,
    This is not how I pictured my death.
    If only I could flee,
    I’d be a better bee.
    But it was hopeless,
    I got myself into this mess.
    I’m sure gonna miss that queen,
    Though she could be really mean.
    Ole George said not to fly here.
    If only I had listened to my peer,
    I wouldn’t be stuck in a pitcher plant,
    praying it would topple and decant.
    Joshua from PA
    Looking for plants with Pennsylvania location data
    Grow List

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    Wow! That's... that's a daunting act to follow...

    And, no, that wasn't my entry.

    Here it is:

    *clears throat*

    Title: Curiosity killed the...
    Form: Haiku

    Hungry... ooh! Nectar!
    What are these odd little spines...?
    The walls close in! Nooooooo----!!!!!

    Last edited by jonnyq; 03-10-2011 at 07:00 PM. Reason: changed "weird" to "odd."

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    a pause and a wonder
    at a glimpse of a glimmer
    of glass beads with red centers
    of spindly leaves of splendor
    and wonder not, what draws us closer
    but fear not, what should make us wonder
    of contrast in beauty
    in barren sands
    a siren, promising of a drink at hand
    and still it stands
    unwavering before the gaze
    a touch, so fleeting
    stuck in a haze
    and racing, searching for escape
    too late, too late
    whispers the cape

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    Oh CP
    Oh CP
    Would a CP By Any Other Name
    Smell So Sweet

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    'Akai Ryu' is red,
    Utricularia Sandersonii a blue,
    My nectar sure is sweet,
    BEWARE for ill eat you!!!!

    HAHA couldnt resist

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    Alright guys, brace yourselves:

    There lives a small plant called Drosera
    There never were plants any fairer
    They capture their prey
    in the most gruesome way
    But never munch fingers in error!

    *finger snap applause*

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    Nice one fury and rball nice ones everyone but i don't make poems i suck i can't even think of one! Lol.

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