Ok to start off with I DON'T want to make any claims to exactly what the plant is
As I have yet to ID it 100%
As far as I'm concerned I'm going with N. Ventricosa x Burkei

When I've posted pics in ID forums
N. Ventricosa x Burkei has been the most common/popular reply
Followed most "Recently" by N. Ventricosa "Denver" Clone
N. Burkei

ID Posts

I don't think it's a pure Burkei
Can't say that I've seen enough pics of N. Ventricosa "Denver" Clone to tell for sure
So I am going with N. Ventricosa x Burkei
{You Can Decide For Yourself On What You Would Like To Call It}

Anyways what I can tell you for sure is
It's a fast & prolific grower
It can take temps from the mid to high 80s+ in the summer & in to the low 40s high 30s in the winter / I grow outdoors in SoCal
The plant is female & produces nice fat pitchers in the 6 ~ 6 1/2 to 7 inch range

The cutting I'm offering is approx. 8in. long from base to tip / Freshly cut yesterday {3-30-11} / 7 nodes so 2+ cutting can be made from it
It was blade cut / Base split / Treated with RooTone & is currently sitting in water with a drop of Super Thrive added
As I was going to pot it up but my main plant has 4 growth points + 1/2 of the one I cut with new basal shoots forming + I already have a few well established cuttings growing
So I thought I'd offer this one for trade

Seems to be a Very easy plant to root
At least I have had great luck with getting it to root

My MAIN interest is in HL Neps NOT on my grow list or intermediate Neps that are more on the HL than LL side

Also interested in
Pings & VooDoo Lilies {I Don't Have}
VFT Fused Tooth
Weird Strange Odd Bizarre Plants That Will Grow In SoCal / Tempt Me

Pics of the cutting being offered

The last large pitcher it made

Mother plant after yesterdays trimming

Please See http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/...77501944fAsfCr for more pics of the plant & pitchers
Might help you decide what it is

I know long post
But wanted to be sure I covered all the base with this one & think I did
It really is a nice plant one way or the other no matter what it is
But feel free to PM or email me if you have any questions


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