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Thread: Available in the near future - live Sphagnum by the quart/gallon

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    Available in the near future - live Sphagnum by the quart/gallon

    I'm overdue to trim my moss outdoors. After I've finished harvesting and assessed need for those receiving Darlingtonia from me I'll likely be liquidating the rest of this season's crop, and perhaps making a wait-list for my pre-winter trimmings as well. This is not a few strands just tossed in a bag; those that have received Sphagnum can attest to the fact that I wring out all excess water and pack bags to the gills. (I hate wasting space!) A quart bag should be enough to liberally top two to four five-inch square pots, and a gallon should be enough to fill two such pots (with some aggregate) or top six to twelve, if memory serves.
    This moss is grown outdoors with plenty of very pure water and in full sun, so most of the tips are compact, tough and brimming with energy. Most if not all is an orange/copper-colored species, although I have no ID and due to the way it gets around I can make only uncertain speculations as to its origin.
    You may receive some surprises in the moss; temperate sundews and P. grandiflora tend to get around in my collection, and once upon a time I had a very pretty red species of Sphagnum that has since disappeared/lost its coloration.
    Pics of the pots I'm trimming from will be up at the same time that I post pictures of my Darlingtonia.
    This one is a bit different from my other offers, though if you've looked at those threads the same general idea applies. New growers who have demonstrated their ability with CP fundamentals can receive a quart bag for the cost of shipping, and I'll try to favor you once my own needs for this year and those of the cobra lily recipients are met. For trades I'll probably offer it by the gallon, otherwise. All offers welcome, but please be prepared to wait a while as these will have to go out after my other pending trades. There's a chance that the first responders may receive theirs early if we come to such an agreement, but I've got lots of stuff going on right now so I make no assurances on that.
    If you PM me with an offer, please clearly state what you're looking for in the title to help me stay organized.
    Thanks as usual.
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