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Thread: Nepenthes companion plants??

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    Nepenthes companion plants??

    Hey all, I just posted this on proboards, but I figured I'd give it a shot here too: I've had this idea for a while and I'm now really itching to follow through with it: Do any of you know where I could find some companion plants that would be found growing in a HL nepenthes environment? I found this website that listed a lot of different flora from Mount Kinabalu thats pretty neat and gave me a lot of ideas: <<
    If anyone has any kind of cool companion plant I'd love to buy/trade for one. How cool would it be to have your nepenthes growing side by side with the plants that they would in nature?? My main goal would be to train a (maybe rhododendron) bush in a bonsai style and have a somewhat smaller species of nepenthes (maybe muluensis or tentaculata) vining in the bush. It would create a really cool display and something about the plants both growing as they would be found in the wild is really interesting and cool to me.

    A few species of plants that I picked out from the site I've listed below. The first two in my opinion would be the most interesting for what I have in mind, but all of them would be pretty cool to grow.

    Rhododendron ericoides <<****** My main interest!!
    Schima brevifolia <<<***
    Dacrydium gibbsiae
    Leptospermum recurvum
    Styphelia suaveolens
    Rhododendron fallacianum
    Rhododendron stenophyllum
    Drimys piperita
    phyllocladus hypophyllus

    Really most kinds of Vireya Rhododendron (or Malaysian Rhododendrons) would be a fun subject.

    I found this website that has a price list that includes a few Vireya Rhododendrons: But I'd still be curious to find a few more sources. This website offers a plant called Rhododendron lowii (which happens to be from Kinabalu) which I thought was cool/funny.

    Anyway, if anyone has other leads, holla at me! Thanks,


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    Thanks for the link to the site, I dont see the lowii though.

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