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Thread: Looking to trade NICE Drosera regia for SELECT Sarracenia cultivars

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    cyclopse Looking to trade NICE Drosera regia for SELECT Sarracenia cultivars


    I have a very nice, medium-sized Drosera regia that I'm looking to trade for one medium(+)-sized division of one of the following Sarracenia cultivars:

    'Adrian Slack'
    'Royal Ruby'
    'Reptilian Rose'
    'Leo Song'
    ...might also consider chunkier (i.e. large) divisions of 'Red Viper', 'Leah Wilkerson', x umlauftiana, 'Juthatip Soper' or 'Manny Herrara'

    * A bit more about the Drosera regia: This is a division of a large, vigorous mother plant that I grew from seed. The division was taken in Summer 2013 so that plant is now well-established. The mother plant is very similar to D. regia 'Big Easy' except the leaves have gotten longer than 9 inches. Included with the Drosera regia are a bunch of "stowaway" Drosera binata/dichotoma that sprouted from seed. I have a picture of the available plant and if you PM with your email address I can send it to you.

    ONE MORE THING - I also have a few smaller, seed-grown Drosera regia that are 100% unique that I'd also be willing to trade for one of the aforementioned Sarracenia cultivars.

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