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Thread: Ceph seeds round two

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    A leuco by any other name would still be as gluttonous. CorneliusSchrute's Avatar
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    "You can milk anything with nipples."

    "Can you milk me, Greg?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcal View Post
    Let see if I remember off of the weird things about this animal.
    It's a mammal
    Lays eggs
    Is venomous
    Is a carnivore
    Hunts by electrical currents in bill
    Has a bill like a duck
    Hands like an otter
    Tail like a beaver
    Oh and has no nipples but feeds young with milk( I'll see if you can figure that out)
    Oh, they just excrete the milk through pores on their bellies and the babies lick it up.
    Come to me flies and crawling bugs. This plant wants to give you great big hugs
    Aren't I pretty, don't I smell good? I'd come to you if I could
    But I can't so you must come to me, I'm sure we will get along splendidly

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