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Thread: Brazilian Droseras

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    Brazilian Droseras

    Hi Guys

    My name is Paulo Henrique and I'm from Brazil!

    I have some fresh seeds for swap!

    D. latifolia x tomentosa var tomentosa F2 - 3 packets with 10 seeds each (haversted in october, 3)
    D. latifolia x schwackei F2 - 7 packets with 10 seeds each (haversted in setember, 16)
    D. latifolia "Diamantina - MG, brasil" - 3 packets with 10 seeds each (haversted in october, 13)
    D. spiralis "Botumirim - MG, Brasil" - 1 packets with 10 seeds each (I don't remenber when the seed have been haversted but I recently had success with this seed) - OUT

    I'm looking for droseras, genliseas and utricularias seeds.

    interested, please contact me by private message

    Best regards
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