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Thread: Various Plants for Trade

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    Cool *EDIT*Drosera, Nepenthes, and Orchids for trade

    I suppose before winter ends it would be a good time to trade some plants! I'm mainly looking for nepenthes that arent on my grow list or bulbophyllum orchids.
    For Trade
    .Drosera binata "Marston's Dragon"
    .Drosera filiformis Tracyi
    .Sarracenia rubra gulfensis - division
    .Bulbophyllum Flabellum "Borneo" - division
    .Oncidium Sweet Baby "Million Dollar Yellow" - division
    .live green sphagnum - 1 cup
    .Nepenthes Eldon Lee - unrooted cutting
    .Epidendrum Radicans red - rooted cutting
    .Oncidium "Summer Daze" - division
    .Bulbophyllum Alsiosum

    If you are interested in anything PM me or email
    (email is musicprodigy74
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    My grow list -

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    Hey I am def interested in some sphagnum, bulbo flabellum, bulbo alisosum and nepenthes eldon lee. I'm new to the forum thing but have collected orchids for years. I'm still working on a grow list but I have at least 35-40 diff bulbophyllums. Is there anything specific you're looking for?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I just saw you lived in new port richey. I live in south lakeland, fl.

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