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Thread: Drosera capensis 'wide'

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    Drosera capensis 'wide'

    UPDATE: Sundew is Claimed, Thanks For Looking!

    I have a D. capensis 'wide' for trade!

    It is about flowering size, but it hasn't flowered yet. I moved into a new house and the lighting is different, I think it will do better with someone else, instead of my current conditions.

    In trade I am looking for any of the listed plants: Nepenthes 'Lady Luck', Jewel Orchid, Bletilla Orchid, Pilea peperomioides, Live Home-Grown Sphagnum Moss.

    Pictures are below, click each to expand. I'd like to make this happen in the next 2 weeks. Please ask any questions and PM me now!

    Drosera capensis 'wide'-cape_sundew_wide-jpg

    Drosera capensis 'wide'-cape_sundew_wide2-jpg
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