Here's what's available:

  • Phals - some named, some not
  • Dendrobium kingianum - various sizes, most not blooming yet
  • Cattleya intermedia - not blooming yet

They have to go to reduce my plant care burden, especially after some of these didn't receive the level of care I expected when I was away for vacation in the Spring. A few Phals took it fairly hard, but are recovering and should just a need another year to begin blooming again.

The now-smaller Phals are free for the price of shipping, as are some of the other plants, but I'm interested in trading some of the other plants for things that can survive outdoors in Zone 6 - fruiting vines/shrubs and things like perennials, flowering bulbs/rhizomes or whatever. But not bog plants, because I don't keep them anymore, other than for one VFT that I keep for old time's sake.