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Thread: Seeds and a Plant!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacher93 View Post
    Hello! Thanks for the offer on the free seeds! I am interested in the mimosa pudica or the drosera capillaris. I’ve been a member since 2011. Thanks again
    The Drosera capillaris and Mimosa pudica seeds are yours!
    I tried to message you, but your PMs are full!


    Thanks for looking everyone, all the seeds have been claimed!
    I'll post more in the future!
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    Thank you so much! Iím excited to get back into growing drosera and Iíve been looking for mimosa pudica seeds. I deleted a bunch of messages in my inbox. Iíll send you another message. Seeds and a Plant!

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    Hey sorry, forgot to post - got the seeds a couple days ago, but they're sitting around for decontamination purposes before I open and plant. Thanks again!

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