i have several dendrobium orchids. they are purple when flowering. they were grown as eppiphytes, so they have LOTS of arial roots if you want to grow them that way. a few have dried up dead roots, but are nor growing healthy arial roots. (they were grown in dirt, then i grew them as eppiphyes so the old roots shriveled up and died.

I rescued these from my mom. not really rescued, but i thought they would to better if they were in my terr with all that light and high humidity. surprise surprise, they did great after only one week. they are making new shoots and arial roots after just one week in there.

i'll trade for any cp's that dont go dormant ( i like dews!&#33 or some lowland nep cuttings. cant ship them for 2 weeks sicne i'm leaving, so i figured i would go ahead and get ppl lined up to trade :-) they are in clumps with each having atleast 3.