I ended up with tons of seeds from a trade recently, I sowed maybe 50 of them and they have all sprouted, already I will have WAY more than I need...
So I can trade away a pretty good pack or 2 if anyone's interested
(PS Rampuppy, schloaty said this was OK)
I am looking for (ideally) maybe some sort of Pinguicula seeds, doesn't really matter what kind, or maybe tropical Drosera of some sort (D.auriculata would be a giant bonus) but I'm easy, if you have something to trade and want some D.capensis 'alba' seeds, PM me

I live in Canada, too, so just be aware of that, I have no problems shipping to wherever but I know some folks do.
That being said, I will get the topic locked when I am out of seeds, I am sure I have enough for 2 people at least, if necessary