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Thread: Logitech wireless keyboard/optical mouse set

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    Well, because I'm a tech kinda guy... I almost always buy new stuff long before the old ones break. This time it's a new wireless keyboard/mouse set up. So my old up is up for trade. It is all here (even driver disk) and in working condition (the "a" is worn off and a few other letters are kinda worn). I even took the time to take apart the keyboard and clean it all up (have done it like 3 times since I've owned it... ) I'm kinda strange like that hehe.
    Here is the one up for trade after being cleaned... It is called "Logitech cordless Freedom Optical" Yes. the mouse is optical.

    EMAIL me your offer (or questions) to adnedarn(at)
    I don't have anything in particular I'm looking for though, sorry... I know that makes it hard. I could use some more sarrs (although I have most the common ones), lowland neps, not so common VFTs...(but not limited to these) Sorry, I don't have a up to date growlist...

    P.S. For those of you wondering... my new one is a Logitech LX700

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    Messaged ya

    I'm sure you ment Emailed me at adnedarn(at)

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