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Thread: Community Give for Meadowview's Center for Biodiversity

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    Community Give for Meadowview's Center for Biodiversity

    Dear Friends of Meadowview:

    Spring is an exciting time at Meadowview and I have some big news for you! Please take a look at our spring 2014 newsletter at and read the story about the support we are getting to purchase the Center for Biodiversity at Joseph Pines Preserve. The newsletter link includes architectural plans for the biodiversity center. You can read our complete proposal for the center as a pdf prospectus on our Joseph Pines link at
    We need YOUR help to make the Center for Biodiversity happen. We hope you can help us raise the $50,000 match for the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation challenge grant in one day on May 6. Why May 6? The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region has allowed us to participate in a one day community fund raising event on May 6 called the Community Give. You can donate to the Center for Biodiversity on our dedicated link: More details about the Community Give can be found at Not only will your donations be matched 100% by the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation but gifts of $25 and up make us eligible for $100,000 in cash prizes being given away by the Community Foundation to participating non-profits. What a way to GIVE!

    We’re making the newsletter available electronically to streamline our media process, but if you want a hard copy please let us know so we can send you one. If you need to renew your membership, have spare money from your tax return, or just want to support our efforts to purchase the Center for Biodiversity, please donate on-line on May 6 at the Community Give. Don’t forget to let other people know that they can help prevent pitcher plant extinction by supporting our effort to purchase the Center for Biodiversity.

    Thank you for your support!


    Phil Sheridan, Ph.D.
    Director and President

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    Hi everyone, if you haven't donated to this cause, there are only TWO HOURS LEFT!!! Meadowview is short of their goal for this fund raising event.

    Please donate now to help our pitcher plants!!!
    Da' mishu
    Provo, Utah.

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