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Thread: Wisconsin Bogs

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    Wisconsin Bogs

    Hey Guys,
    So I made a trip to summerton bog in south central Wisconsin. I was wondering if anyone has ever visited any bogs in Wisconsin and found any cps.
    There wasn't much there so I didn't take any pictures, unless a bunch of pics of sphagnum would've been interesting. I can't imagine many cps would've done well there with there being so much sedge grass.

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    While I haven't visited any, I did do some online research on Wisconsin CP locations, in preparation for a business trip to Green Bay where I (mistakenly) thought I'd have time to do some exploring. There are quite a number. It seems most of them were in the northern part of the state, but some notable sites in Door County as well.

    A little bit of Google sleuthing will pull them up.
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