First off I would like to introduce myself, I'm Heath current vice president of the North American Sarracenia Conservancy. I would also like to apologize for the delay in getting this thread posted, but I think it's important to remember we are all volunteers.

This thread will be an active summary of our actions as a conservation group. It will cover past events, upcoming events, as well as past and current donations and past rescues. Obviously I will not delve into current rescues because we don't want people taking matters into their own hands and interfering, which we do our very best to follow and abide by the laws in our rescues.

We'll start off by covering the past rescues. Our first rescue was a joint effort in Panama City, FL with ICPS in spring of 2008. Where we rescued some S.flava, S.purpurea, S.leucophylla, and S.psittacina from a ditch due to a water line project.

We also rescued some Dionaea Muscipula in Midway, NC in 2008 from another water line project.

In Boiling Springs, NC in 2008 we performed another rescue of S.purpurea, and S.flava due to new home construction.

In 2009 we were back in Boiling Springs for another Dionaea Muscipula rescue due to a construction project.

In 2010 there was yet another water line project in Boiling Springs where we relocated S.purpurea, and S.flava into Boiling Springs Lakes Nature Preserve. We also rescued some more Dionaea Muscipula later that year due to a road construction project near Boiling Springs.

Moving on to 2012 but not away from Boiling Springs Lakes we rescued S.rubra, S.purpurea, S.rubra x S.purpurea hybrids, some Dionaea Muscipula, D.intermedia due to site destruction in a conservation project.

In Pensacola, FL in 2013 we found some land being sold for development and stepped in to rescue some S.leucophylla, S.flava, S.psittacina, and some P.plantifolia.

Also in 2013 in Snead's Ferry, NC we rescued and donated some Dionaea Muscipula to TNC and the Boiling Springs Lakes Community Center.

Back to Boiling Springs Lakes in 2014 more S.flava, S.purpurea, Dionaea Muscipula, D.intermedia, and D.capillaris were relocated to the Boiling Springs Lakes Nature Preserve.

Watersound, FL we relocated some S.leucophylla to a safe spot on the same property due to home construction in 2017.

Near Bolixi, MS we rescued S.alata, D.intermedia, and more P.plantifolia just last year.

This year we've already been involved with relocating approximately 20 S.minor plants from Jacksonville, FL to a nearby private nature preserve about 40 miles away.

As far as record keeping for actual plant numbers, well we'll say it was less than stellar in years past which is something we've been tightening the reigns on. Next post I'll get into some of our contributions to other organizations like ourselves. Right now I'm tired of typing and I need to tend to my plants NASC What we do

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